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Marci Broyhill

Marci Broyhill, Prairie Poet and Storyteller shares tales of people, places and events that evolved during the western movement. Marci pulls her script from her research and her rural experience of growing up along the Scenic Nebraska Outlaw Trail HWY 12. She puts a focus on Nebraska history. Nebraska, where the West begins!

Her narratives include stories of people working the land, including the role women played during the frontier movement. She gives accounts of colorful characters, good and bad, those breaking the law and those trying to maintain justice.

Marci and her sister, Teresa Kay Orr, are listed on the Humanities Nebraska Speakers’ Roster as the duo, Sisters from the Outlaw Trail. They have three presentations that offer narrative poetry, music and PowerPoint to inform while entertaining their audiences.
1-Riders of the Hoot-Owl Trail: Nebraska’s Outlaws
2-Aprons, Skirts, Hats & Flirts: Women-Their Range of Status During the Western Movement.
3-Call of the West: The Lure and Struggles of the Western Venture.

Marci is also on the Humanities Nebraska Speakers’ Roster with her solo program, Nebraska’s Stories of Dreams and Goals.

Marci has published two books Nebraska’s Outlaw Trails: Fact, Legends & Lore and Dreams Do Come True. She is currently writing and submitting stories to Living Here, a quarterly magazine that shares information regarding south central/southeastern South Dakota and north central/ northeast Nebraska.

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