Deep agricultural roots tap a reservoir of material for Marci’s pen and presentations. Marci researches the men and the women who lived and traveled the trails west of the Missouri River. She marvels at the determination and courage; honoring their efforts by giving them a voice through verse and story.

Marci’s entertaining performances also address nature, dilemmas in society, the joys and challenges of family life. Her topics tug at the heartstrings of the audience, rekindling memories.

Since people are more alike than diverse, Marci’s material appeals across the landscape. Her expressive delivery draws the audience into shared experiences, generating reflection and laughter.

Marci invites others to look back through their windows of time. Each personal view is unique revealing bygone moments of humor, tenderness, and courage.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Marci Broyhill has a natural talent
for storytelling.”
– Rich Krosch, Cowboy Poet

“She turns her farm-girl experiences into humorous, homespun, nostalgic journeys.”
– Dr. Robert J. Rice

“We all enjoyed your true-to-life stories
of growing up on the farm. The humorous presentation and the way you mingled through the crowd were unique and personable.”

– Dorothy Stiles, Friends of Conservation

“For a short period of time, we were all in another world of reminiscence and fun. The evening was most enjoyable.”
– David M. Kincaid, O.D.

“Marci Broyhill brings poetry to life
and she gives dimension to storytelling.”

– Allen Beermann, Nebraska Press Association