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Prairie Poet & Story Teller

Marci Broyhill

Marci Broyhill, Prairie Poet and Storyteller shares tales of Nebraska’s Outlaw Trail, HWY 12. Her narratives include stories of colorful characters, the good and bad, those breaking the law and those trying to enforce the law, the roles of women during the frontier era, critters.

Marci’s presentations incorporate props and PowerPoint slides. Marci is on the speakers’ roster of Humanities Nebraska with her program Nebraska’s Outlaw Trail, Highway 12.

Marci grew up in the hills along Nebraska’s scenic and rugged Outlaw Trail.  She writes from her rural experiences and research of people and events of Nebraska.


Marci performs solo and in duo with her sister, Teresa Kay Orr who brings music to the program. Together they have two programs on Humanities Nebraska:

Sisters from the Outlaw Trail: History through Poetry & Music


Aprons, Skirts, Hats and Flirts: Women – Their Range of Status During the

Western Movement.

Both programs incorporate recited, narrative poetry and music. PowerPoint and props enhance the programs.  Marci and Teri’s bring researched, original material to the event. 

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